We represent a group of residents passionate to SAVE CLEMENTI PARK. Love the green, the quiet, the hills and the vales. The community of animal lovers. The nearby walking and running tracks, the air, the trees, the come-home-to-get-away-from-it-all peace.

En bloc to us is losing your treasured home, your memories and your roots.

Land is precious in Singapore that's for sure - but when many of us bought our homes in this condo there was no concept of the dreaded 80-20 rule - that 80% of your neighbours could displace the rest who don't want to move.

We never envisioned this and hope we never will exeperience it!

We's like to hear if you feel the same - so do write in to homesweethome@saveclementipark.com and share with us how you feel.

Please help us SAVE CLEMENTI PARK. Calling SPs! Print n sign our FORM (click here and download our form) to stop an enbloc. Email us - homesweethome@saveclementipark.com. Drop your signed FORM at 129 #04-05 mail box (Acacia) 597157. Fax 64663655. Call 64631655 or sms/whatsapp 90696105 for collection and we will come to your doorstep. All owners must be listed on the "tree" form and sign it. Thanks!

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